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<h1 style="margin-top: 10px;">we have high hopes</h1>
<h2><s>fenrir, open face, werewolf, god~</s></h2><p>
Taken by dusk. Profile located here so go check it out!<p>
This trio are the children of Loki and giantess Angrboða. <b>Fenrir</b> is the eldest of the three. When they were children, they were taken by the gods from Jotunnheim and separated young. <b>Fenrir</b> was raised in Asgard with the gods so they could keep him under their control. The boy grew up very rapidly. His strength was almost unparalleled. Every binding the gods tried to put him in was unsuccessful. He became the most infamous wolf in all of Norse mythology due to his strength and the prophecy revealing he would kill Odin during the Ragnarok. Finally, the gods were able to bind him with the help of the dwarves. He has a rocky relationship with Odin. A mutual respect with Tyr, though <b>Fenrir</b> did angrily bite off his hand when they permanently bound him. He was able to finally free himself during what seemed like the beginning of the Ragnarok. It was then that he was reunited with his brother and sister. Currently, he resides in hell with his sister.
<b>Fenrir</b> is extremely violent, perhaps befitting of his residency in Realm 7 for the violent offenders. He is the most reckless of them all, impulsive, crude, very animalistic in his approach to life. Please read up on his mythology and Hel's application found here. I feel like these two would have been relatively close since even after years she kept a canine companion that in legend was said to look like him. He is more along the lines of chaos for the sake of chaos. Hunt for pleasure. <b>Fenrir</b> may not enjoy the notion that his sister has taken the Alpha position but, between him and Jormungand, he is more accepting of it. He has missed his pack.

<h2>jormungand, open face, serpent, god~</h2><p>
He is the second born of the trio and born a large serpent. When they were brought before Odin in Asgard he was given the least desirable fate from the siblings. <b>Jormungand</b> was thrown into the ocean to become the serpent that encircled the world. As a monster of the sea, many human and god alike attempted to tame him. Thor, who he is destined to kill one day, attempted to fish him out and almost did. If it wasn't for a giant in the god's company cutting the line, <b>Jormungand</b> might have become Thor's next meal. These two are enemies obviously in the mythology. Hel gave the giant a favor when he passed away from helping her brother. He was eventually released from the ocean during the apocalypse and reunited with his siblings for the first time in ages.
Jormungand is was not alone in the ocean however. There is room to plot with Poseidon, the God of the Sea. I can totally see him being an assassin or "hired gun" being a monster of the sea and all. He could have built up his own reputation among different gods more so than his siblings. <b>Jormungand</b>, as his serpentine nature may imply, is a bit "devilish". Like his sister, he can be very unemotional. He may also be very deceptive, mildly adapt at political maneuvering, etc. Loki is his father. While Fenrir takes after the destruction element, <b>Jormungand</b> would take after the trickster. While his intentions with his siblings may be less than loyal or honorable, they are still his family. Together they have forged a strong alliance, bringing out the best in each other. They may rival at times (pretty nastily too), but they will ride the other's coattails.
Much is open for these two. PBs should look similar to Olga Kurylenko (Hel's face). I've been partial to Clive Standen as <b>Fenrir</b>, since he looks beastly. George Blagden could be <b>Jormungand</b>. These actors have pictures from the culture so its a wonderful resource. They are only suggestions. Feel free to run them by me.

</div><div style="margin: -7px 0 10px; text-align: center; font: italic normal normal 8px/90% arial, sans-serif; letter-spacing: 1px;"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=6">THANKS</a></div>[/dohtml]
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