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» Siblings and Sinners, Shadowhunters, Hybrid, Misc
Roman Hart
 Posted: Jan 25 2018, 02:11 PM
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For reasons wretched and divine.

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Roman's Needs

Twin Sister
Amelie Hart -- 22 -- Passionate-- Willful-- Hot headed
This is Roman's twin sister, and she's the more wild of the two kids. They were inseparable through their child hood, and though Roman has always been the more responsible one, she always helped out with raising their siblings and accepted them despite having different mothers as wholly as he did. She has a knack for bringing mischief out in him as well, though, and she was sent off to some distant edge of Verstoben after word of him being alive and returned to the family reached her. It was just a way to separate the two and make them easier to handle, but whenever she is picked up you are more than welcome to have her era of basically being held hostage the past few months end.

The playby pictured is Lindsey Gayle, but you are more than welcome to change this. The only set in stone bits is that she is half fae and half nephillim, and has blonde hair and mismatched (one gold, one blue) eyes, and trained to be a Shadowhunter along side her brother. Her personality can be modified to fit however you wish to portray her, but the basics are outlined above.

Second Oldest brother/sister
OPEN Hart -- 18-20 -- Passionate-- Determined
Much about this sibling is open to be worked with, as they haven't been mentioned much in his history. She would have been the firstborn pure blood child to Roman's father, though she has a different mother that was married to him at the time. Their mother wasn't great at being a mom, so Roman and Amelie would have taken the lead after their father died. Like the other siblings, she's very close to her family, is strong willed, and has been trained as a Shadowhunter. After Amelie was sent off, she would have stepped up to take her place raising the kids with Roman.

The pictured playby is Elena Kempouris, but this can either a boy or girl. They only need to have blonde hair, as it's the trademark of the Hart family, but they could have it dyed or something. She is full Nephillim, is a shadowhunter, but besides these outlines she is pretty open.

Hateful Sibling/Antagonist
Open Name -- 20-26 -- Resentful -- Hot headed
Okay, so this is pretty free to work with, but the basis of the story is this guy or gal was kept by Roman's real mother, whom he knew nothing about. Either he was the real first born to Roman's father, or he had a different father, but he knows about Roman and Amelie and their dad through his mother's notebooks. She passed away from something that their father had done, whether it was she had committed several crimes and he turned her in after taking the kids away or maybe she tried to get the kids later and he did it. We can work these out with whatever is best for you, but it boils down to this guy is looking for Roman's dad and believes he isn't really dead. The way I see it, he's going to keep coming back to Roman, likely resulting in arguments that turn in to physical fights, but they're never going to hurt eachother enough to actually risk death on purpose. Roman believes heavily and family and hopes he'll come around to be part of his one day, but the fact this guy wont listen to his insistence just...infuriates the hell out of him, as he won't see logic and can't let it go easily. Eventually they'll work it out, but it will be a lot of angst and bloody brawls for awhile.

The pb pictured is Bjorn Winiger, but this can either be a girl or guy. A guy would work best, as Roman is less willing to fight with a girl, but I'm willing to work with you on it if you're set on a female. He can be really any species as long as he's at least half fae, but if you want to go with the same father route, he will have to be fae and nephillim mixed. His personality is pretty open, but it is portrayed as being darker and willing to hurt others (such as Roman, when they fight, which will be often at first).

You can contact me either by pm directly to this account or via discord (sennakat #6453)
More to come later on! Here's his app for reference! Roman Hart
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