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» Shadowhunters, Unite!, let's get ready for the BIG plots =)
Alaric Stormwood
 Posted: Mar 8 2016, 09:11 AM
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The law is hard, but it is the law.

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Shadowhunters, unite!.
  • the Noob: (TAKEN!)
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    This girlie was either hidden from the world or chose not to be a part of it until this information about finding the instruments and getting the Angels back came out. She tends to be more 'emotion-guided' than the others because she hasn't been a fighter as long. But here's the kicker - she's joined up and is quietly working AGAINST finding the items; she doesn't feel that bringing the Angels back to this world is best for the human race.

    Please note that this girl will also be tied in as a love interest for Jonathan Wayland (cue drama with Alaric Stormwood and Jon to the max!)

  • the Rival:
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    This Shadowhunter is similar in age and upbringing to the main crew here, but always on the outskirts. They have different ideas, possibly a rougher past, and aren't always in agreement. There's trust issues between them and the rest because of these things - but they are badass to the max. Different ideas often actually help the team with strategy and planning, and they may also wind up showing an interest in another one of the group. For added drama http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif

  • the Trainer:
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    This position is pretty open, but we do need a trainer. They can be a little older, provide guidance, and probably know a lot more of the Clave and world from before the Apocalypse and the disappearance of the Angels than the rest.

  • the Double Agent:
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    Oh yea, the naughty hunters. They are completely undercover, and it's possible that since things were so quiet for a few years after the Apocalypse, or once finding out the Angels had "forsaken" them, they turned and sided with the Demons, OR to directly help out the Order overthrow supernatural species altogether. Either way, they are "in" with the Clave and Shadowhunters enough to track down good info, but are secretly using it for their own reasons...not in accordance with their brethren.
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