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» Mutiny., big plot point for Ra'a
 Posted: Mar 4 2016, 09:35 PM
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Ra'a has seen some bloodshed lately, and in all the wrong places. In the end, it's thanks to these two, and their slowly growing band of supporters. Personalities, backgrounds, motives are very open. It's possible that they are prestigious in the weapons-trade market, slave trade, or drug trafficking. What we DO know, is that they have been picking off those closest to the Queen of Ra'a to weaken her support, and her court.

So far, they have killed Altair Dearborn - the First Escort, and the big hit now, Erik Lockheart - the Steward and the Queen's brother. It has certainly gotten them attention.

I see them wanting the woman to overthrow Veda as Queen and rule herself. Since these two are married, he gets power as well. It's possible they have a child or two themselves, only helping gain support since Veda does not. This group will grow and become a big plot and turning point for Ra'a...
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