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» Species Information
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 11:21 AM
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blooded humans & humans.

"Words lie.
Blood doesn't."

The Apocalypse wiped out civilization and life 10 years ago. However, in one final sacrifice, the four kings of the supernatural realms - Hell, Heaven, the Otherworld, and Olympus - came together and gave their power and their lives to save the human race. As their departures from the world creates imbalance, their powers and sheer essence has to be absorbed somehow. God, Lucifer, Queen Mab, and Zeus' essence was disseminated into a variety of mortals at the time the Apocalypse ripped through - exchanging life for life.

No blooded mortal ended up with the same composition, powers, traits as another blooded mortal. Some got a vast majority of essence and power from one king, and very little from another, creating a unique skill set. How much they received from each also has sway over their thoughts and beliefs, and has helped lead each blooded mortal to the realm that fits more comfortably to them as well.

The Blood now rules the mortal realms, and the population is trending 1 female for every 10 males. This has set up very precise, specific, regulations around how the new society is formed – especially since procreation is of the utmost importance. Humankind dwindled drastically to about 5,000 living souls just after the Apocalypse.

Very important to note: in the Court structure, the Queen does NOT hold absolute power. She is the figurehead, sure, and absolutely most protected - but her First Circle Males and Queens, if she chose to have them, can supercede her decisions if they are in agreement. It shouldn't be taken lightly forcing either the Queen or the First Circle to cave on their decisions/opinions, but there is built-in veto power here which negates anyone having too much power and making tragic decisions for the whole.

Protocol are the rules and manners that guide the Blood. It determines how every rank is to be addressed, how to handle guests, both welcome and unwelcome, and most importantly how to keep members of the strongest Blood from potentially harming those around them. Protocol is what helps the Queens keep control of their courts and is the delicate system of checks and balances that keep the Blood the ruling but respected caste, over the non-gifted humans.

  • Rule One: Honor, Cherish, and Protect
  • Rule Two: Serve
  • Rule Three: Obey
In addition to Protocol, the Blood have a common set of laws for governing their behavior. Within a court, the ruling Queen's will is law. A Queen's jurisdiction is determined by her elected position; for instance, Queens rule over their realms, but they may not actually hold position in the Order of the Phoenix, which are elected from any class and status.

Blood society is stratified into several different castes. Along with social rank, caste is part of the triangle that governs the social hierarchy of the blood. "Blood female" and "Blood male" are terms used both to refer to Blood of any caste.

A Court is the organizational method by which a Queen holds power and consists of a Queen and four blood-males who make up her First Circle. There are four named 'offices' within the male First Circle- Steward, Master of the Guard, First Escort, and Consort. (Courts may or may not contain a Consort and First Escort at the same time, their duties are similar and overlap in some ways.) In addition, a Queen may (but is not required to) have other Queens sworn to her as a female First Circle.
  • Steward - The duties of the Steward include the keeping and political well being of the Queen. The male will help the Queen attend to matters of her court including its organization and flow. In addition the Steward often acts as council to his Queen. Often times the position is held by an older male that the Queen trusts implicitly.
  • Consort - Consort is concidered the Queen's lover and thus one of the closest people to the Queen in her court. Consort may not be appointed immediately when the court is set up if the Queen doesn't have a lover or is not for some reason willing to have one. Consort acts as an escort to his Queen in official meetings and gatherings. He also may pose as an Ambassador in the Queen's behalf. Consort also accompanies the Queen to the bed and takes care of her sexual needs. Consort is not, by definition, the Queen's husband.
  • First Escort - The duties of the First Escort are literally to provide an escort for the Queen of his territory and to whom he has a contract with. He may also stand in the Queens place as something like an Ambassador when dealing with other Territories and acts somewhat as a business liason.
  • Master of the Guard - A Master of the Guard is directly responsible for the Queen's safety, with duties such as organizing armed escorts when a Queen needs to do official tours. He is also the direct superior to a Court's Guards.
In addition to the Circle, the realms also have specific heads of state which include a High Priestess, Royal Healer, and the Oracular Seer.

Overall, due to the Queens' sworn fealty to the Order of the Phoenix and their striving toward independence, the Queen herself and the four First Circle males must all be Blooded, and not of a supernatural species. A human can be chosen, though highly picked on by most, and a Blooded with scarce traces of something "other" could become part of the circle, if it's easily kept under wraps and they are similar in power and identify as Blood.

The Order of the Phoenix is an arbitrating body made up of representatives from the mortal realms. It is a semi-democratic body that decides matters by voting, although it is led by a group of members called Tribunes.

The primary purpose of the Order is known only to those who have proven they share the same values and motivations - to see the Blood independent of any and all supernatural reverence, assistance, and governance. They are the epicenter of the rebellion – a stronghold of men and women who are tired of being puppeted and controlled by all forms of supernatural entities. The Order is open to any Blood, human, or other (likely part human) willing to take up a position and cause against the supernatural races - which is currently a very secretive, silent matter. There is no differentiation between castes and power, male or female, human or blood. Anyone standing up to fight can fight, and become a part of the growing army.

In addition, they are the only governing power with sway over the Queens. Every Queen, when elected to take the throne of her realm, is now required to be informed of and swear allegiance to the Order and uphold its cause. There is always the threat of mutiny or death if they sway from this, because they all have to function and support it together. The elected tribunes can join together on important matters and take them up with the ruling Queens as a unified front. It gives them weight and power, though is rarely accepted well - so they still must watch their battles. Especially since these Queens are the powerhouses that constantly feed the portals that allow transportation, and the giant secure barriers that hide the district where the Order's location is concealed behind.

Tribunes are still determined by vote, and they in-turn make the overall decisions for the Order. However, there are other factions within the Order that have specific roles and responsibilities:
  • Oracle - gifted with precognition and uses this to prepare the Order
  • Trainers - some of the elite Enforcers whose job is to train the new initiates
  • Enforcers - the guard, soldiers, and boots on the ground that carry out missions from intel to assassinations
  • Interpreters - the public eye; they are the media and PR always listening and talking about 'gossip' with the Order to ensure they're seen and subdued exactly how they need to for positioning
These lucky, unlucky bastards, derogatorily nicknamed "landen". So rare, they were saved from certain death, only to become property, and pets. They have become a commodity; the highest ranking Blood enjoy them as servants and pets to do their bidding and satisfy whatever need they have. They have also become a resource; kept like cattle on large farms where they earn their keep doing hired labor, breeding and raising the children to increase population, fighting in clubs to earn their keep, etc.
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 08:32 PM
never ask a lady
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"There is purpose from darkness:
To show us that there is redemption through chaos.”

PLEASE NOTE: the Titans and Primordials are still locked away in Tartarus, being contained beneath the Underworld by Hades. They are currently NPC on the site.

This species is incredibly broad and versatile. Seeing as it consists of Gods and Goddesses from all mythologies, there is no one set standard of power or appearance or creation process. Depending on whether they are from Greek or Egyptian or Sumerian religion, and their division of worship (ie: God of War, Light, etc.) will determine their characteristics.

However, all Gods are powerful, and immortal. Without worship, they will fade away into nothingness.

While all Gods have their own 'specialties', there are several that each God tends to have innately:
  • Teleportation - The ability to teleport from one place to another almost instantly. (limits: cannot teleport into other supernatural realms)
  • Telepathy - The ability to read the thoughts of others and/or project your own into another's mind. (limits: cannot speak to the minds of those mentally closed-off)
  • Enhanced Physicality - The power of having immortal strength, stamina, and dexterity. This allows users with this power to lift something like a 500lb. object rather than a 200 lb. one, run for a day without training, etc. All attributes are x2.5 what "normal" would be.
  • Enhanced Senses - The power of having immortal sense of smell, sight, and hearing. This allows users with this power to smell, hear, and see something much further away, etc. All attributes are x2.5 what "normal" would be.
  • Omnilingual - The ability to speak and understand all languages, including body language.
  • Power Bestowal - The ability to awaken the latent powers of others and gifting them with a power previously unknown. Users with this power are unable to enhance more than one other entity's power at a time.
  • The only true restriction is to not make a character with the power to create life or death, unless pre-approved by Staff.
  • Avoid writing in a power which makes a God 'invincible' or without weakness.
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 08:32 PM
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"What are you?" - Demon
"Oh please, let me give you the job description. Me, Shadowhunter.
You. Demon. I hit, you bleed. I kill, you die."

Demons and Fallen Angels are technically the same species. Demons can begin as Angels who fall, as humans who sell their souls to another demon, or any other species that learns or even accidentally ingests the soul of another. Then they become Demons; immortal (ageless, but not invincible) vampiric creatures that feast on the souls of humans. They must constantly eat human souls to stay alive. If they do this then they can live forever (and if they can avoid Shadowhunters and Were-Hunters).

There is no real gray area. A Demon will not be considered 'good' if they only eat the souls of criminals and bad guys. They are all considered bad once they decide to feast on human souls. Demons prize the death of a child or pregnant woman above all else. The soul of an unborn child will sustain a Demon until that Demon dies.

It should be noted, however, that no one instinctively knows how to take a soul into their body. They need to be mentored by another Demon once they choose that path to be able to succeed. When a Demon takes a soul, it takes all powers with it, and this is why it is so dangerous for a Demon to prey on a Were-Hunter. It should also be noted that they do warn their brethren to avoid Were-Hunters only because Weres tend to have very large and powerful families that have long lives and long memories… who can hunt in the daylight.

A soul that is eaten by a Demon dies within their body and is lost forever unless you can kill them before the soul dies. If not then there is no resurrection, no heaven, no hell, no purgatory for that soul. If you can kill it then the soul will be freed and can go to its eternal rest. A small consolation for the loss of life.

All Demon get a shadowy 'birthmark' that forms in the center of their chests when they cross over. In this mark is where the souls they've eaten gather. If punctured, it will release the captured souls and end the Demon's life in a poof of dust. That's right -- Demons turn to dust when they die, just like Shadowhunters. Blood loss will kill a Demon - so chopping off their heads or limbs will work. Dousing them with Shadowhunter blood can kill them as well. Using any sharp instrument (not just wood) and piercing them through the heart is another good way of taking them down and making sure they stay down.

Demons use 'bolt-holes' or laminas to travel between dimensions. These bolt-holes drop them into their personal realm of Hell, where they live and hang out. This is why it is NOT SMART for any Shadowhunter to follow a Demon through. This will most likely spell their death. Though, Demons MUST step through portals when they appear. Particularly good thing to know if you happen to have the power to 'teleport'.

Apparently Demons can't dance. Once they become a Demon they loose all sense of rhythm. Demons would rather OWN their own night club than dance in it. Besides - a dance club brings the perfect kind of snack in: young, gothic, vampire wanna be's.

  • Ink blot on their chest
  • They tend to have a mesmeric gaze
  • They know who you are and… they're going to run
  • They have fangs
  • Pasty complexion
  • Possibly teardrop tattoo
  • Sunlight - since they are cursed too
  • Blood-loss - such as ripping out one's jugular or cutting off a limb
  • Shadowhunter Blood - it's poisonous to a Demon
  • Pierced through the heart
  • Spathi Demons: They are the warrior Demons that can and will gladly put the most hurt on you. Even worse, you don't kill a Spathi Demon - you release his essence. But, if one of their brethren or children want to bring him back, they can. And certainly have. They have a centralized leader. Their elite are called the Illuminati.
  • Akelos/Agkelos: This is a branch of Demons who find it hard to take the lives of 'innocent' humans, so they prey mostly on criminals and bad guys. It sounds like a good deal on the surface, but the venomous traits of the corrupt souls can overtake them and make them very, very bad as well. When this happens they become 'Trelos' which even other Demons will hunt. They have a centralized leader. (Trelos, however, have no centralized leader)
  • Anaimikos: Demons who only feed of other Demons to survive. Not exactly the most popular of people… everyone is out to kill them.
  • Apathi: These are 'fake' Spathi Demons. Shadowhunters can't tell the difference between an Apathi and a Spathi Demon. They are mostly found in and around human cities. They're tough, but not as tough as the real thing. They have a centralized leader.
  • Dikisi: Vengence Demons - the Dikisi specifically target humans who have preyed on demons, but also Shadowhunters and anyone who helps them. They have a council of leaders.
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 08:32 PM
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"Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."

The Tuatha De Danann were beings close to humanity, but not a part of it, with the ability to change their shape at will. While some of the Tuatha De Danann retreated far from humans to become the Daoine Sidhe, other remain on Earth and become the Fenian Heroes and the Heroic Fairies, ladies and knights of classic medieval romances, the heroes of the great tales of the era. By the 11th and 12th centuries, the Heroic Faery had developed to include characters who were fine warriors and champions of the people, as well as patrons of the arts and lovers of cultures.

They typically live to be about 1,500 years old, reaching "elder" status around 1,000. Their powers slowly mature over the years, but then similar to humans, begin fading away as they age and tire. Though not immortal, they are a long-lived species and powerful, especially in their prime.

Fairies are naturally complicated and their behavior is ruled by a moral code which is very different from ours. Most of these little creatures, apart their size, appearance and nature, have hidden powers and are able to give, as much as they please, good and bad luck. Therefore, the more you know about Fairies, the best chances you have to come out of an encounter unscathed. When you have dealings with Fairies it is of primary importance that you treat them with kindness and all respect. It is too easy to offend them and Heaven help you if you take liberties with them

Fairies are constantly attracted by every form of creativeness and, most of all, by instants of deep feeling, which they want to share. Lovers, poets, artists, writers, sculptors, weavers, musicians and all arts have to admit they are in debt to a unidentifiable force, which is invisible, capricious, sensible, delicate, incomprehensible and powerful, called "inspiration" or "Muse" which, when it is present, is generally irresistible. Fairy's world is full of dark enchantment, of charming beauty, of incredible ugliness, of hard superficiality, of spirit, malice, joy and inspiration, of terror, laughter, love and tragedy. Their world is richer than fairy-tales make believe.

Fairies love beauty and splendor, grace of movement, music and pleasure, everything in fact that is artistic. They do not like any sort of violent, brutal enjoyment. They hate greedy people who gather the last bit of grain, or drain the last bit of milk from the glass, or pluck the trees bare of fruit leaving nothing for the spirits who wander by in the moonlight.

While each fae still identifies as Seelie and Unseelie, during present times they have worked hard to take steps back toward their beginning: a unified front, in order to continue their enjoyment of the mortal race. Fae have always been prone toward affection for humans, and it is against their very nature to watch them wiped out. Faerie Queens cannot kill anyone who isn't attached to the courts through birthright or bargain. They can't kill directly but they can go a long way to do so indirectly like trick a person to do something lethal to them such as inducing them to walk into quicksand, or glamour them into a stag and set hounds after them, or bind them into an enchanted sleep. However, a Sidhe Knight is mortal and a champion of one of the Sidhe Courts. There is usually only one Knight per Court at a time, and they, instead, have no barriers on who can be killed and what laws there are. They act on behalf of their Queen.

Currently, since Titania and Mab have become deceased, the Summer and Winter Queens must work together to unify the two courts toward one goal. Without the guidance and advice of the Mothers, they lack what generations before had to their names, and must instead lean more on their Ladies, Mortal Champions, and courts in their entirety to help bridge the gap, and rebuild the human races, and the desecrated beauty of Mother Earth.

The Seelie Court were considered the true aristocrats of the Daoine Sidhe. They were judges, dispensing justice to the other faery when it was required, and served as frequent arbitrators of the many faery quarrels. The Seelie Court was very political, complete with cliques, factions, gossiping, and rivalry.

Sometimes called the ‘Blessed Ones,’ the Seelie were often depicted as a procession of brilliant light riding on the night air. The Seelie Court, as a group, would often use these excursions to find those in need of help. The Seelie were also prone to a great deal of mischief, especially when bored. However, their pranks rarely caused true harm, for the Seelie were really very fond of humans.

Ruled by the Summer Court, and, to a lesser extent, the Spring Court, the fae of the Seelie Court are those who are of a generally amicable predisposition. Despite this, they are prone to mischief and are known to overreact (by non-faerie standards) to situations.

The Seelie Court fae freely visit the Middle World, and are generally welcomed there. The Court is primarily populated by eladrin, elves, gnomes, and hobgoblins.

Titled Court Positions
  • Mother Summer (the Queen who was) - NPC, as Titania has died
  • Summer Queen (the Queen who is)
  • Summer Lady (the Queen who is to come)
  • Summer Knight (Mortal Champion of the Court)
The Code of the Seelie Court
  • Death Before Dishonor: A member of the Seelie Court would protect his or her honor to the death. Honor was the single source of glory for the Seelie, the only way to attain recognition. A true Seelie would rather have died than live with personal dishonor, and would never bring dishonor to another of the Seelie.
  • Love Conquers All: For the Seelie, love was the perfect expression of the soul. It transcended all other things. Though romantic love was considered to be the highest and purest form of love, platonic love was also encouraged.
  • Beauty is Life: Beauty was one of the first tenants of the Seelie Court. To belong, a faery had to be beautiful, and all beauty was to be protected. The Seelie were known to go to war to protect beauty, whether it was a beautiful person, place, or thing.
  • Never Forget a Debt: This tenant worked in two ways. The Seelie were bound by their code of honor to repay any debt owed as soon as was possible. This included both favors and insults. The Seelie would repay a favor in a timely fashion. At the same time, they would exact vengeance almost immediately.
The Unseelie Court or Unblessed Court contains the most malicious, malevolent and evil of the faeries, and a number of monsters of horrible appearance and fearsome abilities as well. They comprise the Slaugh, or The Host, the band of the unsanctified dead who fly above the earth, stealing mortals and take great pleasure in harming humans.

Often called the ‘Unblessed Ones,’ the Unseelie were depicted as a dark cloud riding upon the wind from where their unnerving cackles and howls can be heard. Though not necessarily evil, they were far from kind. These unsavory characters tended towards evil and were often malignant. Some Scottish legends claim that the Unseelie were fallen Seelie, those who could not live up to the strict standards of chivalry of the shining court. They have no method of reproduction, so they enslave mortals whom they think would never be missed and carry them along to become one of them. The Unseelie Court was almost always out to harm, or at least bedevil and trick, humankind.

The fae of the Unseelie Court tend towards malevolence, and are guided by the lords of the Winter and Autumn Courts. The Unseelie fae are often merciless and are likely to be aggressive without provocation.

Most people in the Middle World know to avoid involvement with the Unseelie, though doing so can prove difficult when such fae may freely lie and mislead those they interact with. Eladrin, changelings, drow, and spriggans are the most populous fae among the Unseelie.

The fae of the Winter and Autumn courts often favor spells of storm and cold elemental magic in addition to the illusory and nature magic that all fae are innately drawn to.

Titled Court Positions
  • Mother Winter (the Queen who was) - NPC, as Mab has died
  • Winter Queen (the Queen who is)
  • Winter Lady (the Queen who is to come)
  • Winter Knight (Mortal Champion of the Court)
The Code of the Unseelie Court
  • Change is Good: The Unseelie firmly believed that security was an illusion. They considered chaos to be the ruling force in the universe, and accepted that they had to adapt and change to survive.
  • Glamour is Free: Glamour was the magick of the Daoine Sidhe. Both the Seelie and Unseelie possessed its power. However, the two Courts had differing opinions over its use. The Unseelie believed that to have power and not to use it was near to sin. They used their power for whatever they saw fit.
  • Honor is a Lie: The Unseelie placed no stock in the ideals of honor. Instead, they pursued their own self-interests vigorously. The Unseelie felt as if truth could be only be reach through a devotion to self, not a devotion to others.
  • Passion Before Duty: Passion was considered to be the truest state of being. The Unseelie acted without thought on pure instinct and passion.
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 08:32 PM
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angels & fallen.

"An Angel in your heart, they say,
Will give you guidance every day.”

PLEASE NOTE: Angels as a species are currently non-playable, as they have been locked away in our plotline. Halfbreeds/Hybrids are very rare in general, and Fallen (turned Demon) must be adult.

In the beginning, God who IS love, created out of love, to love, and to be loved. Love is the beginning, the purpose, and the end to all things. As nothing existed outside of God, God took from Himself and created the first beings with independent existence and consciousness outside of Himself.

The Angelic Hosts were not created all at once. They were created in specific order. The Archangels were created first before everything else came into being. These Archangels are supremely powerful. They number no more than 10. They laid the foundations for the rest of Creation to come into being. Likewise, God brought forth all the elements of Creation, and the Archangels put them into place. Not because God needed their assistance, but because God wanted them to share in His work of Creation. The Archangels laid the foundations and they tied all the elements and forces into a “whole.”

Being manifestations of God, all the Angelic Hosts contained God's qualities within themselves, but the Archangels were the very first manifestations of these qualities. For example, Lucifer was the first being created as the living manifestation of God's Light. Internal qualities: such as Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Virtue, etc, and External qualities: such as Light, Strength, Healing, etc. As God seated Himself in all His Glory on His Heavenly Throne, these two great Archangels stood beside Him. These were the greatest Angels God ever created. Michael, on His right, and Lucifer on His Left. These Angels embodied God's primary attributes in their very purest form: Michael, the Archangel of Power, and Lucifer, the Archangel of Light. One being internal (Power) and the other external (Light).

One very important thing here: Since the internal precedes the external, who do you think could have defeated Lucifer? Out of all the Angelic Hosts, ONLY Michael could have ever defeated Lucifer. The other Angels did not even stand a chance. Even the other Archangels did not stand a chance because Lucifer was the Second in the Highest Order of Creation. This is very important to understand.

Thus Lucifer is the second in the order of Creation for two reasons:
1. He was the living embodiment of Light which proceeded out of God.
2. Power is an Internal quality, Light is External quality. The Internal always precedes the External, just as the Spiritual always precedes the Physical.

Since losing one third of their ranks, and even more of them in the Apocalypse, the Angels have been completely shut away by God, to protect their light from being completely snuffed out by the darkness that took over the world during the rapture. No one knows whether they exist at all anymore, they are so heavily wardened off.

Since Angels are absolute beings and project whatever they are into Creation, if an Angel sins, he sins completely and absolutely within his entire being, AND he projects ALL of that into Creation. That is a very profound and important point. Now Lucifer no longer radiates Light, but radiates Darkness and Defilement out of himself, causing the first fall from Heaven, as Michael cast him out.

The sin of the Archangels, since they were the beginning and completion of God's Creation, cannot be retracted. In other words, an Archangel cannot undo what he has done, because that would mean undoing Creation itself. So the fallen Angels are now the complete OPPOSITE of what God created them to be. And what is their agenda? To inject their fallen natures of absolute Sin into man.

Now, the rebel host accounts for one-third of Heaven's angels. Once the Archangels began to sin and fall, others from the dominions followed if their hearts found darkness. These angels now fallen became known to all as Grigori, and they organize the levels of Hell. The infernal entities are organized as a kingdom and His Majesty Satan sat upon the throne until the Apocalypse took him alongside every other reigning power. However, now the rest of the demons who hold positions of power with titles such as Duke, Marquise, Count, and Chancellor, are vying for rank. Many fell alongside Lucifer, and include Mastema, Beliar, Azazel, Beelzebub, Sammael, Eblis – to name just a few.

Since the Horsemen rode out the Apocalypse, the realms of Hell have drastically gained rank. Without Lucifer, there is fighting beyond compare, and the combined heathen tendencies of the Demons swarm through the nine layers. They are driven by everything sinful and deplorable, and their goal is to create chaos and destruction among those left alive, and claim the rest of the souls for themselves.

  • To give you some idea of how powerful Archangels are, one Archangel is equal to at least 10,000 Angels, in power, in strength, in wisdom, in knowledge
  • Heightened Perception - not just eye sight, but hearing, and smell as well
  • Emotion Aura and Amplification – the ability to sense emotional states and amplify light or dark traits
  • Heightened Light/Dark Manipulation – of course, depending on whether you’re Angelic or Fallen
  • Limited Mind Control - for RP purposes, follow God-modding rules please
  • Advanced Healing – Angels can heal quickly, in most cases 24 hrs, from almost any wound. This is good -- since as an Immortal they are immune to addictive substances
  • Sensitive to the presence of Light and Dark within a person’s soul and has the ability to manipulate it
  • Pure Light or Pure Darkness is the only way to fully kill an angel or fallen
  • You will also note that God always does everything in pairs, and thus, the Angels prefer pairs as well. Lucifer does not
Ethereally beautiful, they can easily take on mortal appearance and mask the undeniable essence of Light or Darkness that inhabits them. Their distinguishing feature is the set of wings that marks them for what they are: pure white for the angels, and dark as night for the fallen.

  • Archangels - Archangels are generally taken to mean "chief or leading angel" they are the most frequently mentioned throughout the Bible. The Archangels have a unique role as God's messenger to the people at critical times in history and salvation.
  • Thrones - Thrones are the Angels of pure Humility, Peace and Submission.
  • Dominions - Dominions are Angels of Leadership. They regulate the duties of the angels, making known the commands of God.
  • Virtues - Virtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements. They are sometimes referred to as "the shining ones." They govern all nature. They have control over seasons, stars, moon; even the sun is subject to their command. They are also in charge of miracles and provide courage, grace, and valor.
  • Powers - Powers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans. They are known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings. The chief is said to be either Samael or Camael, both angels of darkness.
  • Angels - These angels are closest to the material world and human begins. They deliver the prayers to God and God's answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time. They are the most caring and social to assist those who ask for help.
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 08:33 PM
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"The descent into Hell is easy."

Shadowhunters, also known as 'Nephilim', are a secretive race of beings who are mortals born with angelic blood. They are the appointed warriors on Earth of the Angel Raziel, made specifically to control and preside the demons and other dark supernatural predators who inhabit it. They have fought the demonic forces valiantly for well over the span of a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the world and keep it hidden from the human world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

Despite their ancestry, Shadowhunters are mortal and therefore vulnerable to old age and death; however, their angelic blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats beyond what is humanly possible through the application of angelic runes.

A thousand years ago, shortly after 1000 AD, the Earth was invaded by hordes of demons. During the times when the Crusades first began, particularly believed to be some time in the winter months, a crusader named Jonathan Shadowhunter called on Raziel, though it was believed by many that it was a fae who truly summoned the Angel. Jonathan begged Raziel to help save humanity. Seeing the honesty and nobility of his wish, the angel obliged and mixed his blood with that of Jonathan in the Mortal Cup, a mixture he let Jonathan drink.

Soon, more men and women drank from the cup and became Nephilim warriors themselves. They soon became known as Shadowhunters, after Jonathan, the first of their kind. Their children, and their children's children, inherited their parents' angelic blood and became Nephilim themselves.

The goal of the Nephilim is to fight, and someday end, the plague of demons on Earth. They are dispatched to every place on Earth to fight against demon hordes. The fight even continues after death. Their bones and ashes are used, as the bones of demon hunters are powerful protection, to fortify important buildings.

Aside from this, the Shadowhunters have also placed the responsibility of upholding the peace and secrecy of supernatural world, as well as the protection of the mortals and the world in general from the supernatural, upon themselves. Clearly this has become exponentially more difficult since the Apocalypse.

Victorian Era
In 1872, the Shadowhunters signed the first of the Accords, becoming the first step in the peace negotiations with the darker supernatural populace.

Twentieth Century
There had been a time when some, if not most, of Nephilim women were not fighters; they were usually relegated to domestic duties such as cooking and fostering the current and future generations of young Shadowhunters at home. While there have been women fighters over the years, and it is recognized that there have always been women in the Clave—mastering the runes, creating weaponry, teaching the Killing Arts—but only a few were warriors, ones with exceptional abilities who had to fight to be trained. It was a generation in the late 1900s that was the first where all women were trained to become Shadowhunter warriors along with the men.

Post-Apocalyptic Era
For a while after the Apocalypse came through, fewer and fewer Shadowhunters were created, or in use of their powers. With the vampires dead, and demons careful of their eating habits, fewer issue arose over the lives of the mortals. The Shadowhunters were able to live more normal lives – or as normal as any mortal struggling in the aftermath of such a devastation. It’s only recently again, for unknown purposes, that they are seeing more vampire and demon activity, and interference from the supernatural realms, that have called for them to step up once more.

The Clave is the general organization of all Nephilim, headed by the Council, the governing body of the Clave, the Consul being the highest appointed official. The Clave keeps and interprets the Law, and decides on important matters that affect the Nephilim. Members of the Clave all have rights to contribute to any Clave issue under discussion.

When Shadowhunters reach adulthood at the age of eighteen, they must decide whether to declare their allegiance to the Clave and become full Clave members, or to leave their life behind for some reason. Members of the Clave are then divided into smaller groups in the different realms.

While Shadowhunters do not fall under any of the mortal authority surrounding them, they are still technically humans and citizens of the realms and are subject to their laws.

The Covenant is the Law upheld by the Clave. It provides the rules of conduct for Shadowhunters. The Covenant protects the rights of Shadowhunters to enforce civilized relations among the Clave, supernaturals, and the mortal world, and also protects the rights of all supernaturals so that they may not be maltreated by Shadowhunters.

The Nephilim do not conform to any mortal religion as they have allied themselves with every mortal belief system. Also, individual Shadowhunters are allowed to believe what they choose. Some Shadowhunters see their own lifestyle and beliefs as a separate religion. Mainly, they have their own beliefs about angels, demons, Heaven, and Hell, and they worship the Angel Raziel as their creator. Still, the Nephilim acknowledge the truths in mortal religions, mythologies, tales, and legends, and often integrate this into their real world knowledge; especially now since they have met all of the above, personally, in most cases.

When proven guilty of a violation of their important laws, Shadowhunters may be stripped of their Marks. This is mostly done when a Shadowhunter chooses to leave the Clave to marry a mortal, and become one in the process. Another act of treason to receive this punishment is by consorting with demons; this grave act may even be accompanied by the forceful transformation of the violator into a shunned mortal, as well as the removal of the family's Marks and the removal of their family name and records from Nephilim history.

Shadowhunters were given runes by the Angel Raziel, all contained in the Book of the Covenant. These runes, or Marks, are applied on the Shadowhunters' skin and gives different effects and abilities. When a young Shadowhunter is set to begin his or her formal training, usually around the age of ten, they receive their first rune, typically the Voyance rune, in a formal ceremony. In some cases, like when the child of former Nephilim choose to join their ranks at a later age, they receive these runes years later; another special case is the reception of a different Mark than what is usually given first when the child is weak or sickly.

Shadowhunters may be trained at a very young age, by their parents or other mentors and guardians. All Shadowhunters may train at the Shadowhunter Institute. Typically, children of Shadowhunters, whether biological or adopted, can choose to train to be Shadowhunters when they're about ten. Upon completion of their training, it is customary and traditionally expected that Shadowhunters travel to other realms to learn about other Nephilim cultures.

''Parabatai'' is the term for two Shadowhunters who fight alongside each other. These Shadowhunters are partners and are particularly close to each other. Shadowhunters have the option to choose their ''parabatai'' before they turn 18, after which the option will the longer be available to them; in fact, having ''parabatais'' is quite uncommon among the Nephilim.

The runes drawn by one's ''parabatai'' are stronger than those used by another. Also, there are some runes that can only be used by ''parabatai'' for it draws on the ''parabatai's'' double strength. It is forbidden for two ''parabatai'' to fall in love with each other. If this happens, they will be separated. Most Shadowhunters don't have a ''parabatai'', so they are not very common. In a Shadowhunters life, they can only have one ''parabatai'', even if their partner dies.

Upon marriage, the family ring given to the woman upon proposal and engagement is returned. The Shadowhunters then mark each other with permanent runes of love and commitment over their heart and arm, signifying their love and devotion for one another.

Same-sex marriage is also recognized in Idris when it is done in a realm where same-sex marriage is legal.

Relationships with mortals, and any other species other than fellow Nephilim, are generally looked down upon by the Clave. In fact, marriage to mortals is forbidden. However, Shadowhunters can be with supernaturals aside for demons and other mortal-predator races; they simply cannot be wed in a Shadowhunter ceremony because no others can bear the rune that is a part of this ceremony.

To be able to marry a mortal, a Shadowhunter will have to leave the Clave and become a mortal, stripped of their Marks. There are three rules for those who leave the Clave. First, the Shadowhunter must sever contact with any and all Shadowhunters they have ever known, even their own family. Second, they cannot call upon the Clave for help. And third, the Clave can still lay claim to their children, wherein their children will be made aware of their lineage and will be offered to become Shadowhunters.

However, this can be avoided if the prospective mortal lover Ascends to become a Shadowhunter.

Since Nephilim blood is mostly dominant, if a Shadowhunter has children with any species, their children will still be Nephilim. A special case is when one parent is a faerie, wherein some of their kind's characteristics or attributes may manifest in the child, and a demon, though this is very rare as the child of Shadowhunters and demons are usually stillborn. When the half-breeds continue to have children, the trace of the other species will either slowly diminish through the generation or disappear entirely.

Shadowhunters may be trained at a very young age, by their parents or other mentors and guardians. All Shadowhunters may train at the Shadowhunter Institute. Typically, children of Shadowhunters, whether biological or adopted, can choose to train to be Shadowhunters when they're about ten. Upon completion of their training, it is customary and traditionally expected that Shadowhunters travel to other realms to learn about other Nephilim cultures.

Ascension is the process through which mortals become Shadowhunters by drinking from the Mortal Cup. The option is open to lovers and adopted children of Shadowhunters, and, in some rare cases, other mortals interested or selected to become a Shadowhunter. Though rare, the Cup has been used to create more Shadowhunters through the years, when their ranks and populations were depleted. Mortals who Ascend to become a Shadowhunter may then choose and submit their own Shadowhunter last name for approval.

However, drinking from the Mortal Cup was dangerous and did not always work. It takes special strength and resilience and they must be extensively tested, so most never survive the transition. Adults, particularly the "untrained and unworthy," could either be unaffected by the process entirely or killed outright, and it mostly works on children; at one point, the Council had considered lowering the age of agreement to Ascension to twelve or fourteen.

Because of the risks, one must be petitioned and appealed to the Clave, and they are required to be evaluated and considered for at least three months before approval, during which the mortal should be studying to learn about Shadowhunter culture.
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were hunters.

"The Were-Hunters may be fuzzy,
but they're seldom warm."

The Were Hunters came to be out of great love, great selfishness and great tragedy. They are a close relative to the fae sub-species, 'pooka', which enabled the blood in their story to actually 'take' to the animal's essence at all. It began centuries ago when an unseelie Prince fell in love with a seelie woman. Their union was a happy one and over time she bore him two sons, but died an untimely death. Devastated by the loss of his wife and knowing his sons would also share her fate, the Prince used his knowledge and skills in sorcery and tried to find a way to break the curse.

After years of torturous experimentation on the children, this Prince found a solution for the curse, and used arcane magic to splice the essence of the two sons with the essences of predatory animals. Bears, for their teeth and deadly claws. Panthers, for their agility and hunting skills. Leopards, for their almost supernatural ability to go undetected. Lions, for their speed and ability to work together. Tigers, for their size and lack of natural predators. Jackals, for their long legs and cunning ways. Wolves, for their heartiness and stamina. Hawks, for their swift and deadly beaks and their keen eyesight. The Prince even captured the legendary dragon, with all its might, magic, and majesty.

However when he created this new race he essentially created two. Since they were born of both animal and man, two beings came from it: a being bearing the heart of an animal and the other of a man. Those born with animal hearts were dubbed 'Katagaria', meaning 'rogue' or 'miscreant', while those with human hearts were named 'Arcadians', after his wife's own people.

In the end the experiments worked, but the rulers were furious with him for creating such a monstrosity without purpose and against their strict regulations. They ordered him to kill his sons, whom he had infused with the essence of the dragon and the wolf, but he stubbornly refused and so the leaders of the Fae turned their wrath on the new race he created. "They will spend eternity hating and fighting until the day when the last of them breathes no more".

And so it has been from the beginning until present day. The Katagaria do not trust Arcadians who used deception, lies and subterfuge against their more forthright enemies. While Arcadians find the Katagaria to be uncivilized and brutish, like rabid animals who need to be put down. It’s a war with no end in sight, with villains and heroes fighting on both sides. However, the Apocalypse has given them a new mission: to protect the humans from misuse and abuse so that they can feel all of the passion and lust and life within their veins, rebuild the earth, and society which the fae so desperately needs for their own sustenance.

Were Hunters are born as such, they cannot be created, but most of their powers do not manifest until puberty hits. Those powers are:
  • Extended Lifespan - Were Hunters live almost twelve times as long as normal humans. The appearance plateauing in their prime.
  • Enhancement - Were Hunters are naturally stronger, faster and more deadly than humans.
  • Shapeshifting - The ability for the Katagaria to change from their true animal forms into human and for Arcadians to change from their true human forms into their animal.
  • Sorcery - Not an all around common trait and some Were Hunters are better at it than others. It mainly entails some minor nature manipulation, animal communion and glamor. [LIMITED]
  • Telekinesis - The ability to mentally move manipulate and move objects.
  • Telepathy - The ability to read the thoughts of others. [LIMITED]
  • Chocolate - Its lethal to most Were Hunters.
  • Daylight - While it doesn't weaken them physically, Arcadians and the Katagaria find it easier to shift from their true form to their secondary at night. A throwback to their Artesian lineage.
  • Electricity - Since the Were Hunter transformation from human to animal and vice versa is reliant on electrical impulses, a jolt of electricity can cause them to lose control of their abilities to shift at will. At least temporarily.
  • Full Moon - Another testament to their Artesian heritage, the full moon and the cosmic forces behind it amplify their natural powers, with sometimes positive, sometimes negative effects. Its also easier for Arcadians and the Katagaria to remain in their true form at this time.
There is no real specific formula for what a typical Were Hunter looks like. Arcadians can look just like any other human, while a Katagaria can look like any other panther, jackal or hawk, while their shifted form usually tends to have some similarities to their birth form. There are no real abnormal colorings that carry over from one form to the next, only within the range of nature of if tampered with glamor.

  • Aristi/Aristo - An Arcadian Were Hunter who can wield magic effortlessly. Very rare and revered almost as a god.
  • Strati - Katagaria soldiers who hunt down and kill Rogue Arcadians.
  • Slayers - Refers to a Katagaria who cannot handle the bestial side of their nature and goes insane.
  • Sentinels - Arcadian soldiers who hunt down and kill Slayers. They usually patrol in groups of four and bear a geometric mark on their face.
Mating is a serious affair in the Were-world. Mating is not just sex: it is the discovery of a soul mate. That soul mate is one chosen by the fates. As many animals mate for life, the prospect of finding a soul mate for most Weres is as natural as breathing. For some species, mating involves a hunt or a chase. For the female must have reached maturity and be ready to receive the male. For some, it is just the divining of the proper pheromones. Then all of this animal instinct has to be weighed against the two Weres as humans, with all the pain and emotional baggage that goes with that.

Once the soul mates have discovered each other, beautiful Celtic scroll-markings burn themselves into the palms of the male and female after they have sex. [NOTE: the mating mark may NOT always appear the FIRST time a couple has sex] The markings mirror each other exactly, showing parental lineage and the ancient cipher can only be read by another Were. It looks a bit like a delicately detailed henna tattoo. While they bear the mark the couple must be careful, as each will carry the scent of his or her mate. This complication has put a Were in mortal danger more than once. Once an enemy has pegged a Were, that Were will be tracked by his/her scent. A Were’s scent is the one thing he cannot change or hide with magic.

Once the mating marks appear, the couple has three weeks in which to consummate the mating-an act over which the female has total control. She is the one who must decide whether to take her partner into her body and accept him as a mate. This is a tribute to the first law of Weres: "Nothing a woman gives is worth having unless she gives it of her own free will.” If for any reason she does not, and the couple does consummate their relationship within the allotted weeks, the Fae have declared that they must live out the rest of their very long lives with another mate. Such solitary damnation has less of a biological impact on the female of the species. She is still able to copulate with whomever she pleases-she just won’t ever be able to have any children.

Those are only the Fae's laws, however. The clan laws are not so benevolent. They are strict about who and what they will allow into their patria, Fates be damned. In certain Arcadian groups, punishment for a female mating with a despised Katagaria male is that she be “given” to the unmated men of the clan. Few women survive such a punishment. The male of the species must face if he decides to reject his chosen soul mate is just as cruel. He is rendered not only sterile, but also unable to perform the sexual act with any other woman, ever again, so long as his rejected mate lives.

To make it worse, it’s not something the couple can just change their minds later. The couple must make the decision within the allotted time, and they must make the right one. It’s forever. Their future depends on it.

You don’t really ever want to cross the path of a Were that has turned against his soul mate. Talk about bitter, you haven’t seen a person with serious issues until you’ve met one of these folks.

Now, once mated, there are two classification of how strong the bond between each couple could possibly be: claimed mates and bonded mates. Each couple is given the chance to decide whether or not to claim each other. Like almost every other decision in a Were’s life, the decision to bond or not to bond is once again eternal and irreversible. In order to bond, during the consummation of their love the couple must clasp their mating-marked hands together. Then, each must recite the words of the Bonding Spell:

I accept you as you are, and I will always hold you close in my heart. I will walk beside you forever.

Directly after the bonding spell, the Weres succumb to the thirio- their passionate animal instinct. They give in to their wild side, and their canine teeth elongate. At this time, the couple can officially bond with each other by mutually sinking their teeth into each other, drinking their partner’s blood, and combining their life forces. Just as it is the female’s choice to claim her mate, bonding is also totally within the female partner’s control. It’s easier to resist the thirio than resisting a soul mate. The act of choosing to not claim her mate is more common practice among the indecisive female Arcadian Weres. Very few Katagaria females refuse their mates. To them, claiming your mate is simply accepted as the way things should be.

Once formally bonded, if one of the Were couple should die, the other will die as well. The only exception to this is if the female Were is with child. If a Were is pregnant when her mate dies (or is killed), she will outlive her partner only long enough to give birth to her litter. If the couple is not bonded, then when one mate dies, the other is free to mate again.
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dark hunters.

"We are Darkness. We are Shadow.
We are the Rulers of the Night.
We, alone, stand between mankind and those who
would see mankind destroyed. We are the Guardians.
The Soulless Keepers."

Apollo created the first Dark Hunter ten years ago, at nearly the exact time the Apocalypse was taking place. Being the God of Prophecy, he had seen the effects of the world without Angels around, permanently fighting against the Demons to save humanity. He stole a dying vampire away, Deus, who would have been destroyed along with the rest of his race had he not tied him to his blood and given him his mark. Now, the God works directly with Deus, who leads an immortal army of these Hunters in taking up the fight against the Demons.

The creation of a Dark-Hunter is a very tragic and painful process. When one dies by betrayal or being misled their soul cries out for vengeance. The strongest and most passionate of those screams echo through the halls of Olympus, the home of the Greek gods, to the temple of Apollo. He strikes a deal with the betrayed to become a Dark-Hunter in exchange for one single act of vengeance upon those that killed them. Once the bargain is struck, the fledgling Dark-Hunter is branded with the iconic 'double bow' mark.

Becoming a Dark-Hunter isn't an easy feat or one taken lightly. Becoming a Dark-Hunter means exchanging their soul for a 24 hour chance at vengeance. Once that period is up they now belong to Apollo. He sends them to train with Deus. When he decides that they are ready he will assign them to a realm with which they are to patrol and protect humans from the Demons. Just because you're a Dark-Hunter doesn't mean you're a vampire. You don't drink blood and if you do you're called a 'Feeder' and it's HEAVILY frowned upon. Because they were once human (expect in Were-Hunter cases) they don't need blood and they don't feed upon human souls. They DO however do everything that humans do -- such as eat three meals a night and use the bathroom, etc.

It's important to note that Dark-Hunters are sterile. They cannot beget children nor have them. Creation of a Dark-Hunter is solely done by Apollo, and he pays his Dark-Hunters handsomely.

There is a way for a Dark-Hunter to get their soul back. To be freed from Apollo service, A Dark-Hunter must find the one true soul who loves him or her enough to pass Apollo' test. The weakness that allows the Dark-Hunter to be killed must be known and used to kill the Dark-Hunter (this varies with each and every Dark-Hunter), when you find it you are then drained of their powers for a limited time. A pure and loving heart must hold your soul. Then the hardest part -- then your beloved must kill you. Then, after Apollo has been called upon to strike the bargain, the medallion holding the Dark-Hunter's soul must be pressed to the double bow and arrow mark until the soul has returned to the Dark-Hunter. If your love is pure then you are reintroduced to the mortal coil.

Although this sounds simple enough it is in fact quite difficult. The medallion becomes extremely hot during this process - to the point of being the temperature of molten lava. The lover will become permanently scarred if completed. If the lover cannot hold the medallion and drops it - the Dark-Hunter dies and will lose their soul for eternity. They become Shades - they walk the planet without being seen, thirst but are unable to drink, and hunger without being able to eat. However, if the lover succeeds - the Dark-Hunter regains their soul and becomes mortal once more. They restart their life at the point in which they died.

Nifty side note -- once a Dark-Hunter has regained their soul, they can choose to continue in the service of Apollo. Some Dark-Hunters have a difficult time giving up their day…er… night jobs.

  • Darkness and Moonlight - they can see infinitely better in the dark, with candlelight, or in moonlight than they can in the daylight or with florescent lights
  • Heightened Perception - not just eye sight, but hearing, and smell as well
  • Heightened Biological Clock - you'll sense when the sun is rising and setting
  • Limited Mind Control - for RP purposes, follow god-modding rules please
  • Advanced Healing - Dark-Hunters can heal quickly, in most cases 24 hrs, from almost any wound. This is good -- since as an Immortal they are immune to addictive substances they are ALSO immune to anesthesia
  • Sensitive to the presence of a soul
  • Sunlight - but not to the extent that Demons are affected. They often have to wear heavy leather jackets or other clothing and sunglasses if they do decide to travel during the day, and their powers are significantly weakened. If they are in sunlight without protection or for longer than a short stint, they will burn and disintegrate to ash
  • Beheading
  • Total Dismemberment
  • Halogen Lighting - No matter if they have sunglasses on; these lights always make it difficult to see
  • Piercing the Double Bow and Arrow mark can also kill a Dark Hunter, but it is kept secret from them to protect them
They retain the appearance that they had as humans even when they become Dark-Hunters. They gain fangs and light sensitive eyes just as the Demons that they are sent to kill. Usually those eyes are jet-black. All gain the Double Bow and Arrow mark that brands them as a Dark-Hunter/Huntress.

The Dark Hunter code was written by Deus to keep Dark-Hunters in line and safe. They are to be followed or else...
  • Never expose your powers to uninitiated humans - Dark-Hunters must remain hidden to avoid scrutiny or publicity
  • Be a part of the World, but never in it - To reduce the likelihood of being discovered Dark-Hunters are discouraged from having personal relationships
  • Never be in the presence of a god - Being soulless makes Dark-Hunters pointless and useless to gods as they rely on the belief of souls to stay in power. Gods are obligated to kill Dark-Hunters on sight
  • Never let the sunshine touch you
  • An unconscious Dark-Hunter is a dead Dark-Hunter - Dark-Hunters will fall asleep when injured which leaves them vulnerable to attack and being burned at sunrise
  • No Significant Others - Dark-Hunters are created to protect mankind. It's the belief that a significant other would be a distraction and any lover they took would be mortal, which means that they'd die long before the Dark-Hunter did
  • No Family, No Friends you knew before you died - Because Dark-Hunters often die very gruesome deaths it would be scarring for their family to see them back from the dead. It is also distracting for Dark-Hunters who are not permitted to have relationships
  • Let no Demon escape alive - Since they're created to destroy Demons then this rule is self-explanatory
  • You cannot be in the presence of another Dark-Hunter for long - When two Dark-Hunters are together it drains their power and makes them weaker. This is to keep them from joining together and revolting against Apollo and Deus
  • Whatever you do to another Dark-Hunter you will feel tenfold - To keep them from fighting amongst themselves, they inflict more damage upon themselves if they hurt another Dark-Hunter
  • You walk alone - They cannot have close friends or families. They do have an extensive online community to keep in touch
  • Keep your Double Bow mark hidden - Because it makes it obvious to Demons that one is a Dark-Hunter when you see it and it raises questions among humans. Also, a Dark-Hunter can be killed by being pierced through it
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