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 Posted: Nov 27 2015, 09:19 PM
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So real quick, what species can I play, or NOT play?
You can play gods from all mythologies (historically accurate only), demons (both historically accurate and original), fae (both historically accurate and original), elementals and other mystics (ie: pixies, maenads, elves, dwarves, etc.), shadowhunters (original only), were hunters (original only), and vampires (original only).

Which species can be halfbreeds?
Angels (rare), gods, demons, fae, and humans (not Blooded!) can be halfbreeds.

On that note, what's the difference between halfbreed and hybrid??
Simple! Halfbreeds are mortal x supernatural. Hybrids are two different supernatural species combined. They can usually fit into either species' society without TOO much issue (unless you're angel x demon, which could be more of an issue), and are usually among the supernatural races; not always, but usually that's the preference. However, a supernatural by human halfbreed has basically been outcast by all other mortal realms through the Order of the Phoenix based on their potential for allying against the mortals, and infiltrating the influence of the supernatural races. They find that they are most welcome amongst each other in Verstoben, but have to fight daily for the rights each of the other realms has gained, even within the Order's representation.

What are the alliances between the supernaturals and mortals?
Quick note is that while angels are vanished in our plotline, the vast majority of humans don't know this and worship reverently. Knowing that, Lev Tahor is the most aligned realm, created more toward following God's ways.

The gods from all mythologies have banded together on Olympus. They get the most worshippers and practitioners from Pathiasmenos.

The fae have combined their courts, no longer seelie and unseelie, though this causes a lot of problems. Based on their mutual need for the earth to rebuild and nature, they have worked closely to foster a good relationship with the mortal realm of Meas Solas. They have begun using the were hunters tied to both seelie and unseelie courts to scope out where the land's most hurting based on their animal senses, and also take out anything preying on the mortals whom the Fae count on to heal the land.

Finally, the demons outnumber all of the others based on how they can be created. They have found a niche that embraces more of the darker arts in Ra'a, and work through them, primarily. Demons feed on the sin and chaos and darkness of this apocalypse and the living humanity, and have hordes that infiltrate just to inspire these things in others; they work toward stealing souls for enhancing their lives and creating more of their kind.

Why is it so rare to have any supernatural as part of a Blooded Court? I wanted to make one there, but they don't seem to fit.
This ties back to the base plotline and how the world shaped up. Despite where powers came from for the Blood, the Apocalypse, the ruin of their entire world, the fearsome mass destruction - was out of nowhere for the humans and completely supernaturally-based. Once the realms began to form, and even more so when the Order became prominent and got the Queens involved, the realization as to how much power over the human world and lives the supernaturals had was obvious. There was agreement after the Apocalypse with the Order, that their stand was to rise up against the supernaturals gradually as they got stronger, and slowly rebel against worshipping them and making them important. In then end their goal is to make -themselves- important now that they have their own power, and nullify the supernatural races' hold over them.

Due to the above, it does not fall in line for Queens to employ supernatural species within their court systems, and they, their rule, the supernatural person are all at risk if they do...and are found out http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif For plot purposes though, there are a FEW that could be worked around because they are hard to find! Arcadian were-hunters, halfbreeds, Shadowhunters...these few can most easily pass as human, and could "sneak" onto positions at their own risk...

Aren't there ANY normal humans who lived?
Totally. Only a few "normal" humans were spared, lucky to be on another astral plane when the Apocalypse struck. Or unlucky, based on the fact that now they are the weakest link; housed on farms and treated as slaves for work, used for pleasure, fighting rings, and breeding to increase their population counts once more and give them a "purposeful value to Blood society".

What if I don't like part of the setting and want to change it?
Well, in a board context, if you want to change something with the lore, it should be discussed first with the Staff. We also use the submissions and form through the Lorecrafter for any member lore that you want to make canon!

If you're talking about it as a plot idea, then have at it! You want a man who HATES that women are Queens and men can't be sole and central rulers anymore? Make a guy who's building a cult to overturn the rules in society. You want a God who just can't help pairing up with one of Hell's Archdukes? Write in the drama! These are personal storylines, and may or may not actually come to fruition on changing the board plot, but it opens doors for that possibility, AND some fantastic points of contention and uniqueness!

How do you handle events here? Boardwide and area-specific?
Boardwide events are set up and run by staff, highlighted in their own forum, and separately called out for the entire board. There are major announcements about it, and these are generally very plot-heavy, intensive, timeline moving events that allow the incorporation of a vast majority if not all membergroups. A topic will be opened up a month before the season change (every 3 months) to allow members to pitch their boardwide plot ideas, and identify necessary information. All members have the ability to help round out the details, and staff will, at the end, determine which to use that best supports the forward progress of the board's plotline.

Small events which are more realm/area-specific can be set up at any time. Please PM Karma with the ideas, how it fits into a plotline which supports the setup of an event like this, and any information you want in the subforum to describe it. These should still be vetted though just to ensure we are all on a similar path in our forward progress!
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