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» Rules, our commandments
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 10:53 AM
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the commandments.

Alright! so, these rules are going to be as short as possible!


Please register your OOC account first, and then register with your character's first & last name in proper caps. Unless they don't have a first and last - so just register whatever works for them.

Oh, by the way, this site is rated mature And you need to be 18+ to play. If your thread is turning into something rated r, be sure to type in [m] in the description. So keep that in mind before joining, okay?

Activity & Word Count

We have no limit on characters. We enforce good muse rather than numbers.

Oh, the ever-concerning activity question, right? Well, how's this: if you have a character ruling/running anything on the board or is central to a current boardwide plotline, they need posts weekly (on average). Also, if you picked up a want ad for someone else? Be active monthly, or we will reopen for the opportunity they get refilled for the original ad-poster. Otherwise, we'll do a sweep every so often to clean up claims lists, but they will always be 'there'. There won't be many formal activity checks, except when we jump ahead in the timeline (every 3 months) we will ask members to repond. Of course LOA's trump this, though they are required to have a date-of-expected-return.

A minimum word count? We don't have one, so don't worry - but no word count doesn't mean there's no depth inside your character's head at all.

General Conduct

Be sure to fill in the claims with your character's face and who's who after being accepted.

Here's a good one to know: we don't like or adhere to 'plot armor' here. IC actions have IC consequences. If you're in a spot where it's realistic your charrie can, and will, hurt/assault/kill/put a big plot move on another charrie, it's polite to give the other member a heads up just in case they want to change things...but action begets action, and charries need to be true to themselves!

And you know that thing that makes the world go 'round - respect? Yeah, be sure to respect the administrators and other members.

Let's keep with the respect theme a minute here and add one thing. You like your unique, shiny, special character, right? Other people like theirs too. So when you have a big idea, a great plot, a diabolical plan that effects anyone else besides your brood, it must be discussed with that player. Oh, and if it's widespread or potentially board-altering? Bring that up for staff approval before publicizing it. They are the gamemasters and keep the story aligned as a whole.

The most important rule is to be sure that you have fun! That's what this is all about, right?

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