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» Erik Lockheart, [32][Blooded Mortal][Daniel Gillies]
Erik Lockheart
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 05:38 PM
Steward of Ra'a
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I know the world, better than I know myself.

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CHARACTER #1 Blooded Mortal/Steward of Ra'a
Erik Richard Lockheart
Thirty-Two | Blooded Mortal| Daniel Gillies
Reserved| Callous | Principled
" Fear is only in our minds But it's, taking over all the time "
  • Very much the black sheep in his family, Erik doesn't seem as strong or ruthless as his siblings. Veda is the powerful and power hungry one. Brody the intimidating yet surprisingly moral one. Yet when people think of Erik, the only words that come to mind are simply 'the other Lockheart'. He's not direct like his siblings and is very much a diplomat if a quiet one. What words leave his mouth are often carefully chosen, either a pure and true thought or a beautifully woven lie.

    While cold and quiet, Erik is actually more like his sister than he'd like to admit. Easily putting on a face for the masses, he doesn't actually care about people. He's loyal to his family, but there is no love from Erik. He simply feels it's his duty to protect the twins. That's an older brother's job. At one point, he thinks he loved and cared for his siblings. Long before the end of the world, they knew, maybe there's a small part of him that remembers. Maybe it will surface someday, but his jealousy at the bond the twins share has hidden it away.

    Jealousy, however, just might be the only emotion besides small bits of joy Erik feels these days. He's rather numb to most things, having high disdain regarding anything not threatening. However, he has been the victim of a bitter cold rage from time to time. His heart feeling like stone, and Erik mercilessly acting to destroy what angered him. But where a man might shout and curse or throw a punch, Erik's wrath is that of an unperturbed man smiling softly, waiting for nightfall, then silently pulling a weapon on his prey.

    If it's not his icy anger that gets you, it'll be his sharp, venomous tongue. While he can ignore most things, he is known to be quite sarcastic, if eloquently so. He calls it a 'fun side' when he's either making witty comments or sadistically using his powers on his sibling's enemies. Though lately, Veda's enemies don't seem like his own.

  • Fear Illusions- Though its easiest with a touch, from across a room Erik can get inside someone's head and seemingly bring their worst fears to life. It might start with something small; a slight aversion to bugs and suddenly someone is seeing millions crawling around, a minor fear of heights and soon they're seeing the room melt away and they feel like they're on a tower. The longer he's in someone's head, the deeper fears he can bring to life. In some cases, he's managed to literally scare someone to death. Now some drawbacks are that his illusions look less real and more like nightmares the longer he's using this power. Effects also depend on his target; is this person easily terrified, how many skeletons are in their closet, do they know that it isn't real, can they convince themselves it isn't? Erik also can't control what people see, and sometimes, if he's been using it too long or is tired, his own power will affect him. Alcohol or drugs in his target could increase his powers if Erik's intoxicated or drugged up? He would barely be able to scare someone.

    Subconscious Manipulation- Erik can manipulate everything hidden inside others' subconscious, including ideas, wishes or desires, traumatic memories, painful emotions, etc. While he can use this to manipulate the hidden aspects of the mind in various ways, he mostly uses it to extract information from people's memories, find their deepest desires or fears to manipulate them later on, or bring someone's true desires and feelings to the surface. Effects of this are never permanent, as most of his powers require intense concentration. Once he loses that focus, whatever feeling he brought up sinks back into the subconscious, however, his target remembers and knows exactly what Erik saw. Like the first power, drugs and booze make it even harder for him to use his gifts.

    Psychic Shield- His only passive ability, Erik's mind is impervious to any magic that would affect his mind. A powerful enough being could break through; Gods and Fea would have no trouble at all, a strong enough blooded could also break through. or someone using their magic while he's using any of the powers listed above as he has to open his mind to others. With effort, he could expand the shield to at most two others including his own however he couldn't use his other powers at the same time he was shielding others. The shield also falls when he sleeps or is knocked out, leaving him vulnerable to psychic and mental attacks.

  • He was an only child for a few years, five to be exact. But it wasn't until he was eighteen that he met his younger half-siblings. Before that, Erik had lived with his biological father- he was a military man, and they often moved across the globe living at different bases in different countries. Erik had been to five continents by the time his father decided that enough was enough and they father-son duo settled down in Carolina- something they could finally do now that Erik's father had been discharged from service. His father made it sound like it'd been a choice, eventually, Erik learned it was a dishonorable discharge.

    For eight years, Erik watched the brave, militant Air Force man become eighty percent alcohol. In that time, he would see flashes of his father between the drinks and other times there was just a lazy, resentful mess that pretended to be his father. At times there was a rage in his father that came out of nowhere and focused on the young boy. Afterwards, there would be mumbled apologizes followed by strings of curses. Yet throughout the chaos that was growing, Erik managed to take care of his father and did his best to be a model student and son. He couldn't stop the alcohol poisoning from taking his father in the end.

    He was a legal adult then, so everything- the house, bills, even the wreck of a car his father owned- fell to him. He went from part-time jobs and school to full-time work right after graduating. It was during this time he met his siblings, the twins. They were younger than him, and even though he knew nothing about having siblings Erik felt like now was his chance to have a family that actually cared. Veda seemed to tolerate him- it was obvious to Erik that she was the leader, and Brody, well Erik felt much more protective of his little brother after seeing how he let Veda seemingly push him around.

    Then, the end of the world happened. By then, Erik felt close to his siblings though he knew they were closer in more ways than one. In some ways, he was happy they had their own bond. Over the years he grew jealous of it, as no matter what he did he never seemed to be able to grow closer to his siblings. And once they gained powers and became blooded? He wasn't needed as a protector when his sister was the strongest dark magic wielder on the planet. Brody was suddenly faster and seemingly stronger than himself too. Erik? Erik could terrify people, get into their heads and see into their hearts, but he couldn't protect his siblings from anything physically harming. So when Veda talked of gaining political power, Erik quickly agreed and fell in line. This was something he could do, something he could help with. For the last ten years, nothing has really changed for him. Everyday Erik has helped his sister keep her power, tried to forge his own close sibling bond with the twins, and yet, lately he's been trying less and less. Has he finally given up on being close with his family, or is something else going on?

  • (Just a lil background, this sample is from a post I did on an OUAT AU site, in which previous villains started turning evil again)

    "Cutting me off?" Killian said indignantly, his face held more surprise than anything else. A memory flashed across his eyes, years before coming to Storybrooke when a tavern owner tried to cut the pirate off and received a hook in the neck for his trouble. Doing his best to ignore the memory, Killian settled to reason Ruby was right to cut him off. He must have had too much, why else would he have become so angry at Ruby for such a small thing? "Aye, you're right, you're right. After working with David all day, you'd drink a bit too much as well." A dark smirk found its way to his lips but quickly dissipated as the waitress went on to explain the current news around town.

    The pirate captain continued to listen to Ruby intently. With the new curse, he hadn't really stopped to chat with the wolf or anyone outside of his family. Even with them, he wasn't as chatty these days. Hearing about Tinkerbell and Pan, his eyes widened. Surly Pan coming back was thanks to the new curse. That left Killian with only two questions; Who brought Pan back, and how could he kill Pan? Wait, he meant defeat. Defeat Pan, right... Yet just thinking of the name left Killian itching for a sword.

    She went on to mention how odd Regina was acting, and Killian tried to act surprised. He could feel himself acting odder as well. A bit more restless, a hair more aggressive, even making more snide remarks if that was possible. Things he'd begun to tolerate were becoming annoyances again. It was harder to hold himself back in an argument, and just earlier today he found himself wanting to punch that holier than thou prince in his perfect, happily optimistic face and go hunt down that blasted crocodile and run the bloody reptile through multiple times with his steely-

    "Sorry, what was that last bit love?" Killian asked, blinking away his previous thoughts. "Aye, I haven't really felt different. Stressed maybe, but we're all on edge. Getting up at the crack of dawn to patrol the town doesn't help." He stood up, left cash and a generous tip on the table, and tipped his hook to her. With a smile, he added, "Can't expect much else when it's curse after curse around here."

Kay | Eastern | RPG-D
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 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 01:01 PM
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Bumping because I think he's as good as I can make him ^-^ Unless I need to edit him further, which I'll happily do of course.

Till then, he's ready for review http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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