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» Who's Who
 Posted: Nov 23 2015, 07:57 PM
never ask a lady
201 Posts
reach for the moon & land among the stars!

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13 Males || 11 Females
1 Gods || 4 Demons
1 Humans || 6 Blooded
2 Fae || 0 Other
2 Were Hunters || 4 Shadowhunters
1 Hybrids || 3 Halfbreeds

who's who!

Who plays who on this site? Post in the thread to have your name and characters added to the list!

Karma {admin} is behind:
Fury - Demon || Horseman of Death; ruler of the 9th ring of Hell
Jason Caffrey - Hybrid || Prophesied Leader of the Revolution
Veda Lockheart - Blooded Mortal || Queen of Ra'a
Alaric Stormwood - Shadowhunter || Institute Leader
Kieran - Unseelie Fae || Princeling; of the Wild Hunt

Vanilla {staff} is behind:
Roman Hart - Halfbreed || Shadowhunter x Fae; of the Wild Hunt
Brody Lockheart - Blooded Mortal || Master of the Guard in Ra'a

- - - - - - - - - -

Akame is behind:
Omolara - Blooded Mortal || Queen of Lev Tahor

Becca is behind:
Elora - Seelie Fae || Summer Queen

Constant is behind:
Magnus Valefor - Halfbreed || Ra'a High Priest
Moira Ashpen - Shadowhunter || Newly Initiated

Hope is behind:
Nicholas Cole - Blooded Mortal || Enforcer for the Order of the Phoenix
Deus Verga - Dark Hunter || First created; leader
Ira - Demon || Horseman of War; co-ruler of Hell's 9th Realm

Ingrid is behind:
Alma Lostarien - Halfbreed || Lev Tahor Healer
Jonathan Wayland - Shadowhunter || Prodigal Son
Branwen Argall - Blooded Mortal || Queen of Meas Solas
Set - God || Ruler of the 7th

Iset is behind:
Dionysos - God || Revelry, Festivals, Wine; Greek pantheon

Legion is behind:
Khorun - Halflbreed || Cursed Wanderer
Nuriel - Demon || Fallen Archangel
Thor - God || Protector of Mankind; Norse Pantheon

Nova is behind:
Annabel Moore - Human || Prostitute
Faith Devereux - Arcadian Were Hunter || Owner of Sanctuary
Miranda Ross - Blooded Mortal || Oracle for the Order of the Phoenix
Dalia - Demon || Horseman of Conquest; leader within the 9th ring of Hell

Please respond with the following code to the thread to be added to the list. If you don't choose a color for your name, we'll choose one for you!

[B][color=???][SIZE=5]Your Name[/SIZE][/color] is behind:[/B]

Character Name - [I]Character Race || Occupation[/I]
Character Name - [I]Character Race || Occupation[/I]
Character Name - [I]Character Race || Occupation[/I]
 Posted: Feb 7 2018, 06:41 PM
OOC Account
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Awards: None

Andreas Megalos - [I]Blooded Mortal || Steward of Parthiasmenos[/I]
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