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Feb 23 2016, 09:10 AM
The semi-complete list of Ingrid's wanted folks and plots for her characters; though perfectly open for additional things, changing stuff and so forth. Branwen's wanted stuff can be found here. As per usual, most of these ideas are very open.

For Alma:

1)Blast from the past:
Potential semi-love interest of sorts.

Here's my proposed story. Alma has been on a lot of battlefields; taking care of sick people, dying people, all kinds of people. She's been briefly romantically involved with both men and women, but yes, the key word is definitively briefly. One of these people, preferably the first one, was someone she could not save. He died, and it kind of shaped her general view on her life - do your best, do your work, that is your lot in this life and it is alright. But here's the rather obvious hinge: that person did not die. Perhaps he was or turned into a demon, maybe he was a god managing to pull through after all, maybe he was saved by freaking Santa Clause; the point is, he's alive. Seeing as they met in a war, he'll be a warrior or mercenary or some such. Where Alma is kind and positive, he'll be little of any of that. She'll probably be in a mindset of wanting to save him from himself, and whether or not she succeeds will be up to you. I'm all for tragedy, really.
Obviously I'm also open to all kinds of ideas here. What I want is some death, drama and tragedy to this woman's life; something to challenge her sunshine and rainbows view on the world. You know, with some potential sprinkled happiness here and there. Possible PB's could be Richard Madden: mostly because that will give me an excuse to shower you in gifs. Other suggestions could be Sam Heughan or Hugh Dancy. But really, I don't care: pick whoever you like.


[align=center]For Jorg:

Never forgive, never forget:

Jorg was stuck on the bottom of the ocean for an absurd amount of time. However, his prison was not as lonely as his elder brother's cave. He met plenty of people, and did plenty of jobs. He knew every inch of the ocean - many came to him for information about this or that. Where's the magical gold, where's Poseidon's trident, where did their ship sink; the possibilities are endless. In turn for his services, people would offer him plenty of things; Information about the world, about Odin, about helping him break free. Some even offered to free him; or his brother (though; sssh, don't tell Fenrir that, Jorg would never live it down if Fenrir thought Jorg had tried to be actually brotherly). Everything, obviously, came to naught. Betrayal upon betrayal has turned him into the wonderfully jaded and bitter man he is today.

What I want for this plot is, well, basically for Jorg to meet up with someone on his I-hate-thee list. Specifically someone who at one point, some time ago, promised to free him (and presumably had the means) or some other great service, but who obviously did not keep their word. This one I want to have been a particular burn, because this person might have been more of a genuine friend (maybe from even longer ago?) or something of the sort. Jorg is not a very personable guy, but I can't go through all of his plots with him being in a state of fuck you, and you, and you, and you. This will be someone who knows why Jorg is who he is, and consequently someone who can actually get to him. Could be super fun, actually. Whether this is pure hate, exploitation, some semblance of love (platonic or romantic) lost/won is something I'd be excited to discuss. This person would have to be fairly old though for this to work, some kind of immortal; demon, hybrid or god. PB is open, I've put Luke Evans as a blind suggestions because
1) i like him, 2) this melted my heart and 3) this made me laugh. Feel free to pick whoever you like, though.

Looking forward to hearing from you <3
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